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Written by Dario Orozco


Posted on October 28 2016

It's been a few weeks since their release but the Adidas Pure Chaos were looking fit for a derby match and who other than  Zlatan Ibrahimović to rise to the occasion and wear them. 

zlatan-ibrahimovic-and-paul-pogba-warm-up-before-their-derby-against-neighboring-rival-manchester-city{Image source: Reuters} Zlatan Ibrahimović and Paul Pogba Warm-Up before their derby against neighboring rival Manchester City.


{📷 Niky's-Sports.Com // Adidas Pure Chaos FG Cleats: White/Black/Gold}

The hype took a shortfall after a lackadaisical first half from the big man himself.  It may have been a long night of FIFA 17, or who knows what other distractions may exist in the world of Ibrahimović. But The biggest change didn't come from the bench but from the locker rooms. Zlatan made  a boot switch from his Adidas Pure Chaos to the Nike Mercurial Vapor X, part of Nike's Radiant Reveal Pack.  

Soon after he made the boot switch it was game on as soon as he put on his Vapors. In the 54th minute he dribbled the ball in the 18-yard box and gave a pass inside towards the penalty spot, there Juan Mata appeared and came towards the ball, slotting it towards the far left post and into the back of the net. It would prove to be enough to put Manchester ahead and give them bragging rights until the next derby finish.


{Image Source from left to right: Getty // Niky's-Sports} Zlatan in full stride after switching from Nike to Adidas & Back.


It was clear the big man was in full stride after switching from Nike to Adidas & back.
With the likes of Neymar Jr. and Leo Messi switching boots during the half I may just have to give it a try during my next match. 😜



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