the football Life® los angeles, california.

the football Life® los angeles, california.

Just my thoughts: Why Vita Calcio?



no edits have been made; stories will be told. 

I love soccer, I love the culture, I love the feeling I get when I get a good work out in and sweat out all my anxiety, fears, and stress. I love seeing my friends on and off the pitch. They are what make me want to keep going to keep showing up, staying fit, to give off that really good cross, that 1-2 wall pass, that through ball, the meg, the laughs, the banter, talking shit, fucking around what else is there in life it wasn’t for soccer. It gave me everything I have and it continues to do so. I knew I wouldn’t be able to ball forever, so I started learning photography, ecommerce, adobe creative clout, html, css, back-end stuff I thought was usually reserved for people not of my tan skin. It quickly became an obsession, a passion I really wanted to get good at it and slowly I did, not that I’m a michaelangelo or anything but I’m in it to win it. I was fucking around a few years later, after hearing so many people tell me hey, you should start your brand. I would think nah, why me, I can’t, it’s complicated, I don’t have a name, I don’t know anything about business. Haha, even with all that when I feel like someone tells me I cant, I do everything in my power to do say I can, and did it. I was messing around with some names, well not really. I knew the football life was it, but how to translate it to something English speakers wouldn’t understand. So I started translating – The = La, Football = Calcio, Life, Vita, when I put it all together I got, La Vita de Calcio. I thought I had a winner, lol. It was too long for my liking I wanted something shorter, catchier, so I thought to cut out the – fat. VITA CALCIO! Dassssssssss iitttttttt. VITA CALCIO /

dario-orozco-torrance-united-soccer-club-1991Vita Calcio was born inside the gym, after being injured during a game, I was thinking of what I could do to give back to the game. It’s the way I was raised to give back, to help others, to push people up never to be negative, to be respectful, happy and always appreciate everything I have and that was given to me. To this very day that’s what Vita Calcio is, a way for me to express myself and for other ballers to express themselves, although for now its just me expressing myself until the movement catches on haha! Fuck it. We gotta start somewhere and for me it’s always been a matter of self doubt, imposture syndrome, the fuck, why would anyone listen to what I have to say. Everything I am trying to accomplish has already been said, done, etc. But fuck it , im going to tell the story of what I saw, the story of the how I started playing soccer when I was 6 and kept balling til now, the shitty things I saw against the sport, the humiliations, the scorn, the fuckery really of what people would say when you played it. Here it is the truth about  a lot of shit I wouldn’t dare because, really who the fuck whold listen. That’s why I created my own platform to shoot the shit and say what I want, without worrying if it’s right or wrong. Here it is the story of how soccer will become the greatest sport in the U.S. but first the fuckery that I went through and how everyone can learn from it, or atleast annotate it in history.THE FOOTBALL LIFE / ON AND OFF THE PITCH SINCE 2015.