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True Story. I'm Obsessed with Soccer.

Written by Dario Orozco


Posted on July 28 2019

torrance-united-soccer-club-1991The beautiful game, Soccer. It’s been the key to 90% of my friendships. They key to staying fit, the reason why I’ve gone to Barcelona to visit the Camp Nou. Soccer is an energy, a smile, a hug from a friend, an understanding that there’s a subculture of passion and love that exists beyond the sport. It’s a knowing that we are living a tradition that nurtures good times.  Soccer reminds me everyday of its effect it has on my day to day life. It’s an addiction, it’s a drug, it’s a habit, it is simply life. Without it I would be lost, (hang on one second I’m picking up a phone call from a soccer buddy of mine). That’s what I mean, there’s not one second were we don’t have great energy coming our way because of it. I long to see highlights, games, scores, fights, tackles, shots, goals, passes…All what feels like a fairy tale dream of  a sport that lets us see a player grow from youth to old having giving us more than just 90 minutes on the pitch, but who has opened their life to us and shown us on & off the pitch what’s like to play professionally. I hoped one day when I was a young kid in Los Angeles, that this sport that I love would never get popular. My thinking was simple, if everyone likes the sport that I love, then they will walk into the subculture that I am part of and soon it will be a part of mainstream America…[ More to come & excuse my grammar and syntax;)]



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