It's Been A While - VBFC Sunday Pickup at Estadio de Dogtown


Last year around this time two years ago, I was selling my Canon 5D Classic (Mark 1) on Ebay. I was staring at my rent amount and new there was no way I’d make it out a live this month without selling my camera. It’s strange how life works because I remember being excited to shoot a few images at Venice Beach just a couple of months earlier and told myself I would be back to shoot some more and maybe throw on the cleats to get some touches in.

Venice Beach Football Club is doing something ingenious. A platform for kids to play, enjoy the sport, the energy, for the game that we all love; soccer. Fast forward almost two years now and I’ve been able to afford a new, used camera and finally was able to get back on the concrete pitch to shoot some shots of what I hope is a long journey ahead. Thank you god, and thank you soccer. #vbfc #vitacalcio #fortheculture See more images here...