On & Off The Pitch

I'd do anything to keep playing forever...or at least just 1 more game.
Venice Beach Football Club is doing something ingenious. A platform for kids to play, enjoy the sport, the energy, for the game that we all love; soccer.
Soccer is an energy, a smile, a hug from a friend, an understanding that there’s a subculture of passion and love that exists beyond the sport. It’s a knowing that we are living a tradition that nurtures good times.

knew it was time to take advantage of this opportunity. I felt I had made it this far and it was a moment to display my potential despite of how physically drained I was. It was game time.


The biggest change didn't come from the bench but from the locker rooms. Zlatan made  a boot switch from his Adidas Pure Chaos to the Nike Mercurial Vapor X, part of Nike's Radiant Reveal Pack.