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the football Life® los angeles, california.

What is Cleats Up?

Cleats Up means going into a soccer challenge typically at full speed with
ill intent of hurting or injuring the opposing player regardless of winning the
ball, which is the original objective of a slide tackle. The challenge is
frowned upon due to the extreme possible outcome of an injured player breaking,
fracturing, or dislocating a bone. It is therefore a slide tackle that should
be exercised with extreme caution as it will provoke an equal or greater
reaction from the opposing player and or fans.

This style of slide tackle in soccer looks a lot worse than it typically is -
the bottom of the boots, cleat studs, show and face the opposing player and can
look intimidating.

Now that you know a bit about what it means to go in cleats up let’s take a
look at a few examples and original definitions in forums:


Image of cleats up tackle: Career ender against Messi @cleatsupfc

Video of a cleats up tackle: 10 Epic Tackles

Forum definition of cleats up:   Big Soccer Blog: Cleats Up?

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